How to use our Google Data Studio Connector

The Google Data Studio connector allows you to send data from Wincher to Google Data Studio.

When you have a business or an enterprise account at Wincher you get API access. With this access you can make a personal access token. The token is the key to the connector. We will explain how you can start the connector:

Step 1: 

Make a Personal Access Token.

Step 2:

Go to Wincher Connector and select the partner connector.

Step 3:

Authorize the partner connector.

Step 4:

Choose the Google account where you want to make your dashboard. 

Step 5: 

When you logged in, you have to allow the connector access to your Google account. This is necessary to make the connection with your Wincher account. 

Step 6: 

Place the personal access token in the key field and submit.

Last step: 

Select the client/ website you want to connect to the dashboard and now you have access to the Wincher SEO Rank Tracker and all the data of the website you connected.  

Metrics and Dimensions

position_distribution_keyDIMENSIONTEXTPos. distribution name
avg_positionMETRICNUMBERThe average position for all keywords in the current selection. The number above the chart is the average position on the last day in the selected date range, followed by the change during the period.
avg_position_changeMETRICNUMBERAverage position change
trafficMETRICNUMBERTraffic is the estimated number of clicks each month and is calculated from the keywords’ search volume multiplied by the (roughly) estimated CTR for the current position.
traffic_changeMETRICNUMBERTraffic change
positions_gainedMETRICNUMBERThe amount of positions gained and lost per day for the current keyword selection. The number above chart shows the net sum of positions gained and lost in the selected date range.
positions_lostMETRICNUMBERThe amount of positions gained and lost per day for the current keyword selection. The number above chart shows the net sum of positions gained and lost in the selected date range.
position_distribution_valueMETRICNUMBERPos. distribution count
position_distribution_sortMETRICNUMBERPos. distribution sort
position_distribution_1_1METRICNUMBERPos. 1
position_distribution_2_3METRICNUMBERPos. 2-3
position_distribution_4_10METRICNUMBERPos. 4-10
position_distribution_11_30METRICNUMBERPos. 11-30
position_distribution_31_100METRICNUMBERPos. 31-100
position_distribution_101_101METRICNUMBERPos. 100+
keywords_idDIMENSIONTEXTKeyword ID
keywords_ranking_serp_features_iconsDIMENSIONTEXTFeature icons
keywords_ranking_pages_best_pageDIMENSIONTEXTBest page
keywords_ranking_pages_best_page_pathDIMENSIONTEXTBest page path
keywords_ranking_pages_best_page_path_linkDIMENSIONHYPERLINKBest page link
position_changeMETRICNUMBERPosition change
groups_keyword_ids_countMETRICNUMBERKeywords count
competitors_competitor_idDIMENSIONTEXTCompetitor ID

Need help?

This Google Data Studio connector is made together with our partner Gladior.
Gladior is a data driven digital marketing agency located in the Netherlands. They help clients to achieve their marketing goals and are specialized in Google Data Studio, including  development of connectors and tools for it.

If you have any questions about the connector or your Google Data Studio report needs, you can contact: [email protected]