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New keyword research tool!!


In December we launched a brand new tool for keyword research. Our goal is to make it easy for our users to find relevant keywords for their websites. The keyword research tool can be found in the dashboard menu for the domains. The page initially displays up to 1000 suggested keywords that are related to the website. This list can be filtered to display only the keywords matching your criteria.

In the example below I’m looking for keywords that contains the phrase “rank tracker” which my site also has been found ranking for in the top 40 results.

This tool is only in a beta stage and we would love to get feedback and suggestions on how to improve it! Please let us know what you think!

New keyword selection option!


New keyword selection option! Yesterday we added keyword filter to the list of keyword selection options. This filter allows you to select keywords with partial string match. This is perfect for when you want to analyze a set of keywords without having to add them to a group.

Extended reporting functionality


A few minutes ago we updated Wincher with new functionality regarding automatic ranking reports!

The update includes a lot more customization options.

  • Send daily option.
  • Custom ranking data period.
  • Keyword selection (all/group).
  • Keyword table content options.
  • Custom text.
  • Table sorting options.
  • PDF preview.
  • Language selection.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Language update!


Language update! Wincher is now also available in Swedish. Please let us know if you find any none translated text or misspellings.

Updated Wincher Wordpress plugin


Our Wordpress plugin for Wincher has been updated with a feature that enables user to assign groups to keyword in bulk mode.

Rankings on mobile platforms


Today we added 4 additional alternatives to each existing search engine. This gives you the opportunite to track your rankings on mobile platforms.

We currently support the following platforms:


New wider design


Today we updated our start page with new design. We’ve also done some changes inside the control panel to give our users a better experience, including wider layout and minor improvements in responsive design.

Added 13 additional search engines


A few days ago we updated Wincher with 13 additional search locations requested by users during the last months.

  • Google SA
  • Google EG
  • Google LB (Arabic)
  • Google LB (French)
  • Google LB (Armenian)
  • Google BH
  • Google RS (Cyrillic Serbian)
  • Google RS (Latin Serbian)
  • Google TH
  • Google LT
  • Google LV (Latvian)
  • Google LV (Lithuanian)
  • Google LV (Russian)

Please continue to email us feedback and suggestions for improvement.



Today we released a small update including bulk delete for keywords and a FAQ page which will be frequently updated with answers to the most common questions sent to our support.

Custom logo, performance and bug fixes


A bunch of you have during the last couple of weeks requested the option to select your own logotype for manual PDF reports. We love feedback from our users, and as many times before, we added this feature along with others, to this release.

  • Custom logotype
    - Option for custom logotype for manual PDF reports.
  • Date range
    - Otimized date range selection on the dashboard. One selector apply changes to the entire dashboard.
  • Better performance
    - Overall better optimized for heavy ranking requests.
  • Bug fixes
    - Bug fixes regarding top menu lock up, login problems for some users, style issues for safari, and more.

Please check out the update and let us know what you think!

Couple of bugs and extended payment information


This update include fixes to a couple of bugs we’ve received during the last two weeks.

  • Keyword import with special characters such as åäö
    - Files with utf-8 encoding without BOM is now recognized and read correctly.
  • Email adresses with plus sign
    - It's now possible to use email addresses with + on sign up.
  • PDF reports could not be opened with Adobe reader
    - Auto genereted PDF's can now be opened with a Adobe reader.
  • Payment information
    - Information about how we handle payments is now included on the upgrade page.

Thank you all for your feedback and bug reports!

New lower price model


We have now done another update in the product. Beside some bugs and small adjustments that have been corrected, there are two changes we want to highlight:

  • Gserp history
    - If you has been converted from Gserp all ranking history from your Gserp account is exported to Wincher.
  • New lower pricing!
    - We have lowered the price after 10 domains! Each domain, starting with the 11th, will come with only €0,5 per domain!

Thank you all for your feedback!

Minor bug fixes


Today we updated Wincher with more functionality and corrected some minor bugs.

  • Auto reports
    - Send automatic ranking reports to yourself, you customer or maybe your boss.
  • This page
    - On this page we write about news and updates.
  • Much better CSV export
    - Now it's possible to export your ranking up to one year.
  • Table sorting
    - Table sorting on dashboard.

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