General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for

Updated 10 May 2016

These general terms and conditions regulate the relationship between Wincher International AB (Wincher) and the User (User) of (Service)

1. About the Service

The service is operated by Wincher and is a service for monitoring, measuring and visualizing how websites rank for specified keywords at any given time in one or more search engines. In the account, the user personally specifies which keywords, domains and competitors are to be measured and monitored. The service is available both as a free version and as a premium version.

2. Data

Wincher always aims to present as current and updated data as possible in the Service. The rankings of a given keyword in a search result may however vary for technical reasons and thus, the data presented in the Service may vary from time to time or alternatively, be absent. A user may never, in any way or form, claim any form of compensation, discount or other compensation for any errors in the data presented to the user through use of the Service. All data presented within the framework of the Service may not be republished, altered, corrupted or commercialized outside the Service.

3. Price

The base price is €6 per month, providing entitlement to the measurement of one domain with 100 keywords and 5 competitors. The cost for additional domains is €3 per month and this will also add 100 keywords to track for each domain. The keywords can be spread across the domains in any way. For every 100 keywords above the inkluded amount (100 * number of domains) wincher will charge an extra €3 each month. The price is based on the volume of domains, the price may vary from month to month if the user add and/or removes domains. A month shall be considered to start on the starting date for the current month and end on the corresponding date of the next calendar month. Therefore, a period of one month may include between 28 and 31 calendar days. Discrepancies in price due to partnerships, promotions, offers etc. may occur.

4. Payment Terms

The User's total price for the forthcoming month is billed one month in advance and is payable by credit card or PayPal. Wincher uses a third party integration for payments, currently Adyen and Paypal. Should the payment not be made in full at the time of payment, five further attempts will be made. Subsequently, the service may be suspended. Any transaction costs and/or additional costs in the form of incorrect purchases, withdrawals, credits, or other forms of reimbursement, shall always be paid by the User. A user whose service is suspended may never make any claims to compensation, reimbursement or other forms of compensation from Wincher.

5. Suspension of Service

A user who in any manner abuses the service may at any time be subject to having its users, account and service suspended. Suspension may occur without warning and without notice to the User. Suspension caused by suspected violations of law may also result in Wincher providing information about the User and their abuse to the police or other judicial authority, government or agency. Regardless of the reason for the suspension, a user may never make any claims whatsoever to damages or other forms of reimbursement or compensation from Wincher.

6. Service Accessibility

Wincher’s objective is for the Service to be accessed and utilized regardless of hardware (computer, tablet, mobile/cell). The service may, from time to time, be down for one or more users. Downtime may be planned or unplanned. Wincher aims to minimize downtime, but can never guarantee total accessibility. No form of downtime may be used as the basis for reimbursement or compensation to the User.

7. Cookies

There are two types of cookies, one is used for visitor statistics and stored on your computer. Wincher uses this type of cookie to recognize you the next time you visit the website. You will also be able to browse faster the next time you use the Service. The other type is session cookies, which are sent between the computer and the server in order to connect information. These are stored temporarily on your computer and disappear as soon as you turn off your browser. You may at any time disable the cookie function via the toolbar in your browser. Should you choose to disable cookies, Wincher cannot ensure that the website will work correctly and/or optimally.

8. Privacy Policy

As a User, you provide certain information. You agree that Wincher will store and use this information in order to fulfill its commitment to you as a User of information and support related Services and its products. Personal data may be disclosed to other companies with which Wincher cooperates. All personal data is handled with the utmost confidentiality and care. In accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL) you are entitled to access the information about you which is stored. Should you wish to access the information we have registered, you may at any time notify Wincher in writing. Should you deem that anything is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant; you are entitled to ensure that the information is changed. For questions about personal data, please contact Wincher International AB, Sveavägen 33, 111 34 Stockholm. All payment transactions are encrypted and sent using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which provides excellent security.

9. Term of Agreement

This agreement is valid from the time of its approval and until either party terminates the use of the service. Part may terminate the agreement without any notice. When the agreement is terminated, the User's access to the Service will be suspended. Any unused remaining days prior to the next prospective payment date shall not be refundable. These general terms and conditions may be altered and updated over time and shall be approved by the User for the continued use of the Service. The user can terminate the subscription by navigating to Close Account from My Account page, or simple by contacting support. It is also possible for users that use PayPal to pay for the service to terminate the subscription directly via their PayPal account.

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