SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin Sales and Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization or simply SEO is a process that requires your active involvement. If you do not want to meet the fate of those website owners who become frustrated when they see their sales dropping and ranking going down, you need to avoid making these SEO mistakes. There have been cases where website owners found their website disappearing from search results altogether without getting any warning from Google.

Never buy links

You must have come across adverts promising hundreds of links for your website for a paltry amount of money. These are lowly sites with a poor reputation and the backlinks provided by them are of no use to you. Google will definitely punish you for buying such links as soon as it comes to know about this sin committed by you.

Do not indulge in article marketing

Article marketing was, only a decade ago, a well-accepted strategy to boost the ranking of a website. You wrote an article, created multiple versions of the article spinning words, and submitted them to different article directories in return for backlinks for them. But Google has become smart now and it penalizes article marketing in this manner. You can continue to do guest blogging though as Google considers it a very good practice to boost the ranking of your website.

Stuffing keywords

There was a time not so long ago when SEO experts stuffed their content with keywords in a bid to catch the attention of various search engines. But now Google has declared that this will be treated as creating a bad user experience and the website will be penalized for such action. Google has made keyword density irrelevant to search engine ranking. So you would be doing harm to the ranking of your blog or website if you stuff keywords in the content to make it look almost dumb.

Using broken links

Whether by mistake or by intent, never include links in your content that are broken. Over time, nearly all websites get some links that are not working at present. Some websites have stopped existing while others are being restructured. But Google penalizes you for showing broken links to your visitors as it feels that it creates a very bad user experience. You direct a reader to a website but he finds that the website does not open as the link is broken. It is in your own interest to keep on checking that all links on the site are working properly. To avoid broken links on your website.

Quantity over quality

In your eagerness to boost the ranking of your website, do not try to get backlinks that are of low quality or come from spammy sites. Google penalizes websites with lots of low-quality links and rewards a website with high-quality links, even if they are very few in number.

SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin Sales and Search Engine Rankings

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