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Wincher provides you with detailed and accurate data to help you do better keyword research by identifying the ones with most potential to drive revenue for your business.

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Seamless end-to-end Keyword Research for better data-backed SEO decisions

Our Keyword Explorer tool is built to help you with both quick keyword overviews and exhaustive keyword data research, so you know exactly which keywords are worth spending your time on.

Competitive keyword analysis

Quickly scan data for any keyword with predictive metrics and get an upfront bird‘s eye view of top ranking competitors.

New related keyword ideas

Browse through hundreds of related terms closely connected to the primary keyword you’re targeting and spot new keyword opportunities.

Integrated Rank Tracker

Connect your workflow going from researching to tracking your chosen keywords‘ rankings with only one click.

Research keywords the right way with a streamlined workflow

Tailor your search for any country

Our Keyword Explorer tool gives you the ability to run keyword researches providing accurate data for over 100 countries.

Quickly assess potential ROI (return on investment) from any keyword in any country and build you SEO strategy based on data.

  • Country specific Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty

  • Run your research for over 180 countries

  • Accurate and updated search volumes

Tailor your search for any country

Get predictive keyword metrics

We’ll provide you with data that will help you forecast SEO results so you know which keywords are worth investing in.

Keyword Difficulty and Search Volume together with the historic trend will tell you which keywords are worth investing in based on effort required to rank and the expected demand.

  • Understand the exact intent behind each search

  • Analyze search volume and trends for each keyword

  • Find out what it takes to rank on the first page

Get predictive
keyword metrics

Understand your competition

Quickly understand who you’re competing against for every keyword and get an overview of what it‘ll take to outrank each one of them with our SERP preview tool.

Get upfront data for every top 10 ranking competitor for every researched keyword and know exactly what you need to get to the first page.

  • See who you’re competing against for any keyword

  • Measure the strength of your competition

  • Spot SERP feature opportunities

Understand your competition

Browse through hundreds of related keywords

Our tool will hand-pick related keyword suggestions for you to quickly and effortlessly identify new opportunities.

When you do a research for any keyword, Wincher will run its proprietary algorithm through millions of keywords and show you the most relevant ones saving you hours of work.

  • Find better keyword alternatives

  • Seamlessly add keywords to your rank tracker

  • Click on each keyword for deeper insights

Browse through hundreds of related keywords

Find correlation between rankings and metrics

Word count

High word count implies increased depth and quality information which helps you to gain relevancy and rank for more related keywords.

Load speed

Page load speed is a well known confirmed ranking factor and it affects your search engine rankings because slow sites negatively affect user experience.

Domain strength

The higher the strength the more relevant your domain is, which makes it easier to rank since your website is seen as more reliable.


High-quality backlinks indicate your content‘s value, drive traffic and enhance your site’s visibility and relevancy in Google.

Referring domains

An increasing number of referring domains shows search engines that various sources trust your content, boosting your ranking and visibility online.

Find correlation between rankings and metrics

Find correlation between rankings and metrics

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Our Keyword Explorer tool gives you full control of your research allowing you to narrow your search with filters to match exactly what you’re looking for.

Analyze keyword data that helps you make better decisions

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Search Intent
  • CPC
Forecast your SEO results by knowing how many searches each keyword gets every month and spend your time on high value keywords.
Our Search Volume data is provided straight from Google itself so that you get the most accurate data possible for any keyword.

Got questions about our tool?

Here are some answers

  • What is a Keyword Explorer tool?

    A Keyword Explorer tool is a feature designed to help users find, analyze, and select keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. It provides data for keywords enabling marketers to optimize their websites and content for better search engine rankings and visibility.

  • How to research a keyword?

    First, enter the keyword you wish to analyze and select the target country. Next, examine the Search Volume and its trend to understand the demand, along with the Keyword Difficulty to gauge the effort required to rank on the first page. Finally, analyze your competition using our SERP preview feature and benchmark key metrics. The searched keyword will serve as a seed word to generate a list of related keywords, allowing you to repeat the process for any of them.

  • What is Search Volume?

    Search Volume refers to the number of times a specific keyword or phrase is searched for in a search engine each month. It indicates the popularity or demand for that term among users.

  • What is Keyword Difficulty?

    Keyword Difficulty is a metric that estimates how challenging it would be to rank for a specific keyword in the first page of Google. It considers different factors like the strength of competition, the quality of content, and the SEO efforts of existing rankings. A higher value means more effort is needed to achieve top rankings.

  • How much does Keyword Explorer cost?

    Keyword Explorer is our latest tool offering, currently available at no cost during its beta testing phase. After the beta period, it will remain accessible across all subscription plans, although usage limits will vary by plan. To extend these limits, you will have the option to purchase additional credits.

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