The Easiest to Use Rank Tracker for SEO

Wincher is an extremely simple, flexible and powerful tool for tracking your SEO progress. Track your rankings, optimize your pages, keep an eye on your competitors and find clever ways to cut down your costs and increase your traffic.

The Easiest to Use
Rank Tracker for SEO

Daily ranking updates

Plus on-demand updates

Competitor tracking

Get alerts for important changes

Automated e-mail reports

You decide how often and when

Invite your team

Roles and access rights

Daily rank tracking for everyone

Wincher is built to scale with your projects and organisation. We‘ve got your back no matter the size of your business or how familiar you are with SEO. Read on to find out what separates us from the rest.

Quick ranking overview

Get a bird's eye view of your whole site and how you rank on different keywords, as well as what you can do to improve existing pages.

Free ranking history

Unlike our competitors we provide you with up to 24 months of ranking history for any added keywords if we have the data. Enjoy!

Unlimited users

Both our Standard and Professional plans support inviting an unlimited number of users to your account and with our Professional plan you can tailor their access.

Keep an eye on your competitors

As helpful it is to track your own efforts, keeping a close eye on the competition is always good.

Wincher allows you to keep track of how your competitors are performing on the portfolio of keywords you are monitoring. At no extra cost!

  • Get an overview of your competitors

  • Daily competitor ranking updates

  • Get notified of important events

Keep an eye on 
your competitors

Find keywords that make a difference

Our Keyword Research tool is unique in many ways. It’s fully integrated with our rank tracker which makes it a lot more convenient to use.

Not only do we present you with search volume but also estimated traffic volume and cost-per-click data, where applicable. We also identify the keywords where you have the best chance of ranking or where you are already ranking. The tool provides you with a simple, yet very useful, overview of keywords where your website, or pages of your website, has ranked before or where it is already ranking. You can handpick the most interesting keywords, or simply add them all, to your daily rank tracking with only a few clicks.

  • Automatic keyword recommendations

  • Find keywords starting from a seed word

  • Import keywords from Google Search Console

Find keywords that make a difference

Local rank tracking

We understand that the key to accurate ranking data is location.

We support over100 KLocations
In almost40 KCities

Full API access, build your own integrations

Our powerful API gives you access to take total control over your data & integrate it with any external system that suits your needs.

Read our full documentation
Build your own reports
Create detailed dashboards
Connect to Google Data Studio
Connect to your CRM
Full control over your data
Detailed documentation

But wait, there’s more

Here are a few more of our favourite features.

PDF reports

We know reporting is a time consuming necessity in a lot of organizations. But with Wincher’s built in reporting system we will save you hours and hours which can be spent on much more valuable actions. It’s easy to setup custom reporting for yourself, your team or indeed for your clients. You can easily choose the frequency of the report, what day it should go out and what the report should contain in terms of ranking data. Choose a ranking data period from our rank tracker and choose what keywords should be shown in the report. You can make this even easier by using keyword groups

Organize & collaborate

Wincher is not only useful for individuals or for tracking just a few select websites. By organizing your websites into projects you can tailor access to specific team members and clients. In addition, our compact website view helps you get a birds eye view of a large number of websites. With our keyword grouping function, you can mark your primary keywords as important, as well as creating your own keyword groups. This helps you to easily get an overview of your primary keywords and to group nearby keywords and search phrases

Track multiple devices

With a huge increase of mobile internet users and more and more websites becoming mobile friendly, we understand the importance of accurate keyword position data for multiple devices. With the challenge of Google displaying more and more personalized search results depending on factors like device and location we tackle this in the best way possible. We support tracking both mobile and desktop in over 180 countries and even more languages. This way you can keep track of your keyword positions in all of your main markets. We always update your positions daily no matter the market.

Rank Tracking
From €49/mo
From €89/mo
From €319/mo
  • Daily ranking updates
  • On-demand ranking updates
  • Keywords
    up to 500
    up to 4000
    up to 50000
  • Websites
    up to 10
  • Search engines
  • Local rank tracking
  • Competitor tracking
    5 per website
    10 per website
    20 per website
  • Projects
  • Pages
  • Preferred page tracking
  • Keyword grouping
  • Share of Voice
  • Position history import
  • Custom start date
  • Annotations
  • Notifications
  • SERP features
  • On-page SEO score
  • Search volume, CPC & traffic
Keyword Research
  • Keyword Explorer beta
  • Ranking keywords
  • Related keywords
  • Keyword gap
  • Max related keywords per search
  • AI Content Outliner beta
  • On-demand PDF reports
  • Scheduled PDF reports
  • Excel & CSV exports
  • White-labeled reports
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Data Studio
  • API access
Users & Permissions
  • Multiple users
  • External users
  • Project permissions

Got questions about our Rank Tracker?

Here are some answers

  • What does a rank tracker do?

    Our rank tracker checks what position for a certain keyword your website is being seen in Google. We check Google for your position every day, and is presented to you, neatly packaged with different graphs and other useful features.

  • Can anyone see that I’m using a rank tracker?

    No, neither your competitors nor Google can see that you are using a rank tracker. No code has to be added to your website either.

  • Will a rank tracker affect my SEO?

    No and yes. Tracking keywords with Wincher or any other rank tracker will not have any direct, positive nor negative, impact on your SEO. Although, using a rank tracker will give you a lot of valuable insights on what actions affects your SEO which will help you prioritise within your SEO strategy.

  • Can I use Wincher for free?

    We do offer a free 7 day trial of Wincher, as well as a limited version of Wincher through our WordPress plugin. Neither requires you to enter any payment details. Great, right?

We proudly have over100 KUsers
In almost150Countries
Who’s tracking over165 KWebsites
In more than130Search Engines
That’s data for over35 MKeywords

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