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Wincher Rank Tracker

A simple keyword rank tracking tool packed with features

Wincher is an extremely flexible and powerful keyword rank tracker tool that helps you to follow your progress and SEO efforts. With our easy to read dashboards and powerful insights, Wincher Rank Tracker is one of the most cost effective tools and a must have for any online business or online marketer.

SEO Rank Tracker with daily updates

With algorithms at work all hours of the day and with a search index in constant motion it’s important to stay up to date. We only work with super fresh data to deliver your search positions. All your tracked keywords and search positions are updated on a daily basis.

Thanks to this we can provide you with a lot of valuable insights, where even the smallests adjustments and improvements you are making on your website can be seen.

Rank tracker chart
keyword tracking dashboard

Keyword Rankings overview

Wincher is built to scale with your projects and organisation.

Whether you start small and grow big, start big or stay small - Wincher got you covered. You can easily organise and tailor your dashboard based on your current needs.

Whether you are tracking one or multiple websites our dashboard gives you an easy to read overview of all the relevant SEO data needed to assess, adjust and optimise your SEO efforts.

On your dashboard you can choose between a detailed or a compact view. Both of these views let’s you see important key data such as your estimated traffic volume, the number of keywords you are tracking and number of competitors being tracked. You can also get a quick overview of your average ranking position and position changes on the keywords you are tracking.

Keyword Research on the fly

Wincher Keyword Research tool is unique in many ways. It’s fully integrated with our rank tracker which makes it a lot more useful than the average keyword research tool.

Not only do we present you with search volume but also estimated traffic volume and cost-per-click data, where applicable.

We also identify the keywords where you have the best chance of ranking or where you are already ranking. The tool provides you with a simple, yet very useful, overview of keywords where your website, or pages of your website, has ranked before or where it is already ranking. You can handpick the most interesting keywords, or simply add them all, to your daily rank tracking with only a few clicks.

keyword research screenshot
rank tracking for competitors

Competitor tracking made easy

As helpful it is to track your own efforts, keeping a close eye on the competition is always good.

Wincher allows you to keep track of how your competitors are performing on the portfolio of keywords you are monitoring. At no extra cost!

PDF ranking reports

We know reporting is a time consuming necessity in a lot of organizations. But with Wincher’s built in reporting system we will save you hours and hours which can be spent on much more valuable actions.

It’s easy to setup custom reporting for yourself, your team or indeed for your clients. You can easily choose the frequency of the report, what day it should go out and what the report should contain in terms of ranking data. Choose a ranking data period from our rank tracker and choose what keywords should be shown in the report. You can make this even easier by using keyword groups.

Website & Keyword Categorization

Wincher is not just useful for individuals or for tracking a few websites. Our compact view helps you to overlook a large number of websites. But for accounts with hundreds of websites, we have created an easy way for you to group and categorize your websites in any way you prefer.

With our keyword grouping function, you can mark your primary keywords as important, as well as creating your own keyword groups.

This helps you to easily get an overview of your primary keywords and to group nearby keywords and search phrases.

Desktop & Mobile tracking

We support over 80 localities and even more languages so you can keep track of your keyword positions on your main markets, for the language you prefer. We obviously check your rankings every day, whatever market you are interested in.

With a huge increase of mobile internet users and more and more websites becoming mobile friendly, we understand the importance of accurate position data. With the challenge of Google displaying more and more personalized search results depending on factors like device and locality we tackle this in the best way possible.

Competitive pricing

Our start up cost is very low at €10 per month for the first website, which includes tracking of 100 keywords. Our pricing model is extremely simple, and scaling up your account to your needs doesn’t cost a fortune. You only pay €3 extra per additional website, which also includes 100 tracked keywords. If you need to track your ranking for additional keywords, that’s also only €3 per 100 extra keywords.

All the features above are obviously included, at no extra cost. The tool is paid for monthly, and did we mention that you can cancel at anytime you like?

We are sure that once you try our rank tracker, you won't want to use anything else.


What does a rank tracker do?

Our rank tracker checks what position for a certain keyword your website is being seen in Google. We check Google for your position every day, and is presented to you, neatly packaged with different graphs and other useful features.

Can anyone see that I’m using a rank tracker?

No, neither your competitors nor Google can see that you are using a rank tracker. No code has to be added to your website either.

Will a rank tracker affect my SEO?

No and yes. Tracking keywords with Wincher or any other rank tracker will not have any direct, positive nor negative, impact on your SEO. Although, using a rank tracker will give you a lot of valuable insights on what actions affects your SEO which will help you prioritise within your SEO strategy.

Can I use Wincher for free?

We do offer a free 14 day trial of Wincher, as well as a limited version of Wincher through our WordPress plugin. Neither requires you to enter any payment details. Great right?

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