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Wincher helps you keep track

of your rankings and competitors whenever, wherever!

Add your important keywords. We notify you when something big happens. We save ranking data every day for your keywords. Add as many users as you like to your account free of charge.  You can easily share your ranking success via social media. Add domains and keywords of your choice. Pay only for what you use.


Daily ranking updates

Your domain rankings on chosen keywords updates daily. And of course your competitors position as well. Don´t miss any ranking movement!

Ranking alerts

Don´t want to bother to log in daily to see the ranking updates? Don´t worry, Wincher alerts you when important changes take place!

Easy sharing

Doing a good ranking job in the search result — tell the world about it! You can easily share your ranking success via social media.



Unlimited number of keywords and weekly updates


Unlimited number of keywords and daily updates

Also includes a lot of extra functionality
Multiple domains? Domain 2-10 is €2 each, then only €0.5 each

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