Wincher + Google Data Studio: Create Beautiful Reports that Tell Stories

Do you use Google Data Studio to make your reports? Isn’t it easy to have all your data together in one dashboard? From now on it’s possible to get Wincher data directly to your Google Data Studio Dashboard. 

Continue reading to figure out why is it beneficial to use Data Studio for your reporting and how our connector Wincher SEO Rank Tracker will make your life easier.

In this article you’ll learn:

1. What is Google Data Studio
2. What does Google Data Studio do
3. What are the benefits of using Google Data Studio
4. What is a Data Studio connector
5. How to use Wincher Data Studio connector

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is free dashboarding software made for marketers who need to report data frequently. 

Want to track KPIs for your clients, create a visualized comparison of performance over time? Google Data Studio is your go-to way to make reporting easier, faster, more interactive, and engaging.

The popularity of Google Data Studio has soared to a record level during the last few years. You don’t have to believe me, just look at the data from Google Trends for search terms like Google Data Studio and Data Studio.

Infographic that shows  Google Trends for Data Studio and Google Data Studio search terms

What does Google Data Studio do?

Google Data Studio is an incredible tool that can help you create beautiful reports that tell stories with your data. This tool is super easy to use and allows you to share and schedule your reports with just a few clicks. 

Infographic about the benefits of Google Data Studio: Connect your data, visualize it, share

While using Google Data Studio, you connect such data sources as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others that are relevant to you.  Once connected, you can visualize the data on a canvas by simply dragging and dropping your preferred chart onto it. 

What will be left to do is to configure a dashboard to show exactly what you want. Then you can style it and even include dropdowns and filters to make your dashboard interactive. Since all the setup work is done in the browser, you don’t have to do it alone – invite your colleagues to help out and collaborate on your dashboard. 

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, you can share it easily in a few steps. You can send out a version of your dashboard via email with a pdf download or give your clients access to the online version which is always automatically kept up to date. 

Connect to your data, visualize that data to gain insights, and share reports and collaborate on them with your colleagues and customers. With Google Data Studio it’s easier than ever before.

What are the Benefits of Using Data Studio?

Implementing Google Data Studio brings your reporting to the next level. So what are the main benefits of using it?

Easy Access For Your Clients

For you, it might be easy to slice and dice data at Google Analytics or Facebook Ads manager, but your clients often just want to receive a short report that is easy to read. 

One of the main benefits of Google Data Studio is that your clients won’t even necessarily have to have access to the data source itself, but will be able to view the data anyway through your account. 

Live Data Connection

Having your reports connected to a live data source is a game-changer. It means that you’re not limited to specific dates and don’t have to update graphs and reports as a whole to always present the most accurate information. 

Access your data from 800+ data sets from over 460 connectors and forget about scheduling periodic data refreshes. 

Wincher, for example, has a free Data Studio Partner Connector called Wincher SEO Rank Tracker. It comes in a bundle with a beautiful reporting template that looks like our own SaaS platform dashboard. 

Data Studio reports you can get with Wincher SEO Rank Tracker connector
What your Data Studio report can look like

This Google Data Studio connector was developed together with our Partner Gladior that is specialized in developing connectors and tools for Google Data Studio. That’s why our users shouldn’t worry about the quality of the connector and the data accuracy it provides.  

Do you use Google Data Studio for reporting? From now on it’s possible to have all your data together in one place by getting Wincher data directly to your Google Data Studio Dashboard.

If you’re not sure how to start using our Google Data Studio Connector, we have a short guide to help you set it up. You can also check out the whole list of available connectors built by both Data Studio and Data Studio partners

Customizable Dashboards

No matter how much of a marketing guru you are, you’ll need to use your reports to prove it. Oftentimes, clients have no idea how to use Google Analytics or any other tool you’re using to generate the value for them. Here is where reports come in handy to make it possible to understand each other. 

Google Data Studio is by far one of the best software to build your reports, create meaningful visualizations and dashboards with just a few clicks to share it later with anyone you’ll need. 

You can create customized dashboards and style them whenever you want. Data Studio provides you with a license to add as many pages, tables, or charts as your heart desires. 

Advanced formulas bring your reporting to the next level. With Google Data Studio you’re not limited to simple visualization but can modify and style your data the way you need it. 

Custom Functions, Data Blending, and Dynamic Controls

Obviously, one of the benefits of Google Data Studio reports lies in its functionality. You can get more sophisticated with your reports by using custom functions to manipulate your data, a data blending feature to combine your sources into one by using very powerful connectors like BigQuery to extract information from your data warehouse. 

The dynamic control feature gives you the ability to create your reports without having to update the report setup over and over again. 

When inserted dynamic controls to your dashboard, your clients will be able to select different data ranges themselves. Charts and tables will change the data accordingly to update the information within. 

Want to keep some data static? Google Data Studio gives you the opportunity to exclude any part of your content from a filter. Of course, this feature works in both directions: if you want the content to be dynamic, just include it in the filter. 

What is a Data Studio Connector?

Data Studio Connector works as a bridge between your data and the Google Data Studio itself. It connects all the resources together to help you receive data from various platforms in order to build the most accurate and interactive reports. 

For example, if you need to use Google Analytics data in your report, or a specific Google Sheet, you need to pick a relevant connector from the list, and only then you’ll be able to use it as a data source. 

With Data Studio connectors you can easily access and transform your data in the way you need it while keeping it safe to share with others. 

Data Studio connectors help you access and use your data the way you need it

Having all your data together in one place and being able to utilize it more efficiently was the main reason for creating the Wincher Data Studio connector. This way our users can have all their data sources in one dashboard and create clear and accurate reports for their clients within a couple of minutes. Plus, it’s always nice to have ready-to-go templates that save your time on additional styling. 

How to Use Wincher Google Data Studio Connector?

Our Google Data Studio connector allows you to send data from Wincher directly to Data Studio.

In order to start using our connector, you need to make a personal access token. The token is the key to the connector. 

Note: You need to have a business and enterprise account in order to get API access. 

To get your personal access token, you need to navigate to your profile’s icon and click on PERSONAL ACCESS TOKENS (we are not joking when telling you we’re the simplest SEO tool). 

Click on personal access tokens

After,  you just need to name your token and choose the day it will expire as shown on a screenshot below. 

How to sync Wincher connector to Data Studio reports

If you did everything right (and I’m sure you did), you’ll see that your token has been added and is now active. 

Create personal access token to be able to use Wincher connector in Data Studio reports

When your token is ready to use, you’ll just need to authorize our connector using the simple instructions we’ve prepared for you and enjoy all your data sources in one dashboard with beautiful reporting templates included. 

Final thoughts

Google Data Studio is incredible free software for reporting. It doesn’t only let you create easy-to-understand reports and dashboards, but also make those dashboards interactive and engaging like never before. 

Hope you found this article helpful and will use Data Studio as well as Wincher SEO Rank Tracker to create and share beautiful reports that tell stories with your data. 

Wincher + Google Data Studio: Create Beautiful Reports that Tell Stories

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