An Intro To Rank Tracking With Wincher

Measuring the results of your search engine optimization work is important but it can be cumbersome. Find out more about how Wincher can help you make your life easier and save you hundreds of hours per year.

Why track your Google rankings?

Whether you’re running a small e-commerce business or a Fortune 500-company, we can all agree that search engine optimization (SEO) has never been more important than it is right now. In 2019, maintaining a strong position in the Google rankings is absolutely crucial for having new potential customers find your business and also to protect your brand.

Regardless of whether you’re doing the SEO work by yourself or outsourcing it to an agency, it can be difficult to know exactly what results you’re getting for your time and money. Google rankings for a specific keyword differentiate a lot depending on a ton of different signals such as your location, your previous search history, and even the time of day. Besides, manually tracking the ranking for dozens or even hundreds of different keywords takes a lot of effort.

This is where a rank tracker comes into play. It solves all of these problems by tracking your rankings in a very consistent and effective manner, saving you hundreds of hours of work per year.

Introducing Wincher

Wincher is the rank tracking tool of choice for thousands of website owners, SEO agencies, and large enterprises. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Highly competitive pricing. Wincher easily provides the best value for your money amongst all the rank trackers out there. Getting started with Wincher costs as little as €10 per month. It really is a no-brainer considering the time it saves you.
  • Interface with a focus on simplicity. Wincher’s interface has been designed from the ground up to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Many rank trackers feel very complicated and cumbersome to use and Winchers is the complete opposite.
  • Easy to get started. Wincher guides you every step of the way in getting set up your account. We even add a bunch of relevant keywords automatically to reduce the amount of manual work you need to do.

Creating your account

In order to create your Wincher account, simply navigate to and fill in the sign-up form. A confirmation email will be sent that you have to click on in order to activate the account.

When you click on the confirmation link you’ll be redirected to the domain dashboard and it’ll already be filled with lots of juicy data. You see, while you were busy with the account confirmation, Wincher had already started collecting keywords and rankings!

Adding your first keywords

We recommend that you take a few moments to review the keyword list to see if you’re missing any important keywords. While the automatically added keywords are generally quite good, there’s also a limit to how many keywords are added.

To manage your keywords, scroll down to the keywords table. Keywords are easily added by using the “Add keywords” button and removed by selecting them and clicking on the delete button.

Adding your competitors

One of the best and most useful features of Wincher is the ability to compare your own rankings to those of your competitors. Wincher also sends you alerts when you overtake a competitor in the rankings or a competitor overtakes you. We recommend everyone using Wincher to add at least a few competitors. You can do so by navigating to the Competitors tab. Simply fill in the competitors’ domain name and click “Add”. You’ll be presented with a dashboard that looks something like this:

Using Keyword Research to find more keywords

Sometimes it’s hard to know which keywords are truly relevant for you. It’s not uncommon for keywords you’ve never even thought of to be the ones actually driving the majority traffic to your site (or have the potential to). Luckily, Wincher has a tool to find these for you: Keyword Research. Navigate to the Keyword Research tab and you’ll be presented with a list of keywords that we think you should be tracking:

Click the “Add” button on the ones that you want to track and they’ll be added to the dashboard. Easy, huh?

That’s it!

We’ve now covered the basics of tracking your rankings with Wincher! Seems fast and easy, right? Well, that’s because it is! And don’t worry, there are plenty of more features for you to discover on your own such as PDF/CSV exports, scheduled and on-demand reports, annotations, and multiple users.

If this article piqued your interest, simply navigate to and create your account today! If you have any questions or concerns we’re always here for you, just click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner 🙂

An Intro To Rank Tracking With Wincher

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