Modern Link Building Tactics: Learning from Milosz Krasinski

It’s never too late to start building links. It doesn’t really matter if you have just started a new website or already have an established and trusted domain, link building might become a game-changer for your business’ visibility. So why keep sitting there ignoring new tactics when you can just learn and execute them yourself?

That’s why we’ve decided to ask an established expert with years of hands-on experience in link building to share his precious insights into sustainable link building. 

Milosz Krasinski is an international SEO consultant and speaker. He’s been running SEO campaigns for businesses within the last 10 years, so there is a decade of knowledge that Milosz will share with you. 

Continue reading to find out essential tips on choosing the right platforms for placing and the perfect formula for building trustworthy relationships with media and editors.

1. Let’s start with your background. Where did you start and how did you end up doing what you do?

I actually started out studying audio engineering at the SAE London where I learned all the usual suspects in terms of sound engineering and how the sound is traveling and is measured algorithmically. When I first heard about Google and its algorithms, I didn’t really have any problems figuring out the basics of SEO. 

After graduating, I realized that my passion lies in SEO and in presenting this as a service with clear and tangible results. After doing some research, I figured that this would be a viable business proposition and even got a few clients by freelancing. Then I got lucky because a friend of mine has offered me the acquisition of his boutique company Chilli Fruit Web Consulting that has already established some UK-based clients.

2. What does a perfect link look like?

Ideally, it’s the one that is the most difficult to get. That fantastic link that can’t be bought and is well linked internally and is extremely clickable.

3. What metrics to care about when building links?

I’m loath to advise you on third party metrics because you can easily manipulate them. Ahrefs and their famous DR (Domain Rating) metric in isolation have very little meaning in terms of official Ahrefs guidelines. The worst metric, in my experience, is the MOZ spam score.

4. How many links are you happy with building in a month?

There are never enough and, so, the only answer here is MORE. I’ve seen and heard some strange advice during my career such as:  “stop link building to page X because it’s #1 and move the budgets to page Y because it has high potential” only to find out after a few months that your page X is dropping for the main keywords.

5. What link building tactics do you think are underrated?

I believe that my beloved HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is truly underrated. It has the potential to gain you some extremely powerful links with DR (Domain Rating) above 70. For those who are not familiar with it, HARO is a platform used by journalists and reporters who are searching for additional comments and expertise for their articles. 

Requests on HARO tend to appear three times a day, and they cover lots of topics. I focus mostly on the high tech, business, and finance branches as these are a great fit for my B2B clients. It really isn’t that time-consuming to write a comment on a topic I have knowledge of as it takes between 10 to 20 minutes depending on the amount of research needed. 

Going through the requests can sometimes be a hassle as there are sometimes around 80 a day. My top tip for responding to HARO requests is this: keep it short still meaningful. You should attempt to answer the requested questions as thoroughly as you can in under 200 words.

6. How to build relationships with media and editors from the perspective of link building?

Again, I’m going to mention HARO here. Responding to queries can be an excellent way of building relationships with editors. Most of them respond with a “Thank you for your contribution!” by email if they decide to use your quote.

Now that you have gained their attention and they have used your comment, building a relationship from this point onward is much easier than just randomly reaching out to them. I’m not saying that cold outreach is totally ineffective. I truly believe that it’s one of the most powerful methods of forming link building relationships, say, in terms of link exchange.

7. What do you think about a link exchange? How does that influence domain authority and rankings?

It’s a win-win.  Honestly, I love this and I will stand up for it as I believe it’s a true white tactic… Put simply, this is a great way of acquiring links. If you can manage to get topically matching and relevant backlinks, you’re ahead of the curve. While reciprocal links (set of hyperlinks between two websites that point to each other) seem like something that SEOs of the past might have done, it still is, at least for me, quite an effective way of link building. As well as the links, you gain relationships, which is an additional asset.

8. What tools do you use when searching for the best platforms and blogs for a link?

Linkody will alert you almost every day by email and send you notifications about what is going with your competitors. You can read my review here. I think the tool is totally underrated.

Surfer SEO  is also quite handy in showing you common backlinks across your top 10 competitors.

Semrush is an effective one in terms of Authority Score. 

And Wincher is an amazing tool to track your keywords while you’re building links to these pages.

To sum it up!

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and a great resource of organic traffic when used properly. 

Despite more and more online businesses are investing in their content marketing, there are still many who totally ignore Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Link Building. There is no point in creating wonderful content with relevant keywords that no one sees. That is why companies that implement SEO and building high-quality links in their marketing strategies are able to generate more leads and therefore increase their overall revenue.

As building trustworthy links have never been that important, we hope you found this article helpful and would implement recommendations from Milosz Krasinski for the best tactics and tools to start your successful link building journey.

Modern Link Building Tactics: Learning from Milosz Krasinski

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