Local Rank Tracking: the Must-Have for Local Businesses

Search engine optimization for local businesses has never been that important. According to a Google study, 88% of users contact a local business within a day after finding it online. That’s why in order to rank high in Google local search, you need to implement local rank tracking to monitor how your website performs in specific locations, not just on a national level.

Monitoring Local Rankings will Potentially Increase your Search Visibility

It’s needless to explain that the higher your positions on Google are, the more traffic your website receives. Local rank tracking gives you an incredible opportunity to monitor your keywords’ performance locally in order to analyze your online presence in certain areas in order to be more strategic about it.

monitor your keywords’ performance locally

Search results on Google vary depending on the location you are searching from. In other words, search engines are based on a geo-location and will provide different results for the same keyword. It means that tracking your positions for keywords won’t give you relevant outcomes because you can’t be sure you’re getting the same search results as your customers. 

Local rank tracking will unleash the full potential of your online performance. While others will keep making the same mistake over and over again by ignoring local searches, you will be way ahead of the competition in business visibility on Google.

How to Track Local Search Rankings with Wincher?

The only way to monitor your website’s performance in local searches is by using a local rank tracker. Want to keep an eye on your rankings in over 10k locations across 180 countries? Piece of cake! 

Our tool will help you track your positions for as many locations per keyword as you need. Whether you wish to monitor only one location or thousands of them, you’ll always get the same accurate data to rely on. 

You don’t have to believe us, just try it for free and test it yourself with no credit card required. 

And now let’s get straight to the point of how you can set up your local rank tracking with Wincher step-by-step.

  1. Add a website
  2. Enter the domain you want to track locally
  3. Specify the country
  4. Add exact location you want to monitor
  5. Enjoy the most accurate local rank tracking

Note: The steps in this tutorial assume you already have an account on Wincher. If not, spend just a few minutes fixing it and come back here. 

Step 1: Star your Local Rank Tracking by Adding a Website

In order to customize a specific location for rank tracking, you have to add your website first. If you’re new to Wincher, you will be automatically navigated to the page that will remind you that in order to start your SEO journey with Wincher, you need to add a website to your account. Click on “ADD WEBSITE” and let’s get started.

Local rank tracker setup
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

You can also navigate to “MY WEBSITES” at the top bar and click on “ADD WEBSITE”.

Local rank tracker setup: Add website
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

Step 2: Enter the Domain you Want to Track Locally

Keep in mind that you can track the performance of any domain you want, not only your own. This might be your advantage to track your competitors in order to know exactly what they’re doing and how they’re performing. You can use this data to set up alerts when their rankings change, get your competitors’ rankings updates on a daily basis, and even analyze what keywords they’re targeting in order to win them first. 

Local rank tracker setup: Enter a domain name
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

Step 3: Specify the Country to Track Local Rankings

The next field is where you should choose a country among those on the list. It must be the country where you want to monitor the performance of your keywords. This field is required in order to go on with an in-depth specification of your local rank tracking.

Local rank tracker setup: Specify a country
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

When you finish this step, the window will look like this. Just for an example here, I chose google.se and the next field has been preselected to Sweden at once.

Example of successfully setup location
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

Step 4: Choose the Exact Location You Want to Track

Here, you have to type in at least 3 letters and the tool will provide you with all the options it has that contain those characters. Be aware that these locations have to be in a previously chosen country.

Local rank tracking: Add exact location
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

Step 5: Enjoy the Most Accurate Local Rank Tracking

To finish your setup just hit the “ADD WEBSITE” button and you’re all set to get the most relevant traffic from organic searches and monitor your keywords’ performance like a Pro.

Example of fully set up local rank tracker page
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

Final thoughts

Remember that SEO is not only about strict rules, but creativity and trying out different approaches and techniques that will work for your specific case.

Local SEO is one of those approaches. Monitoring local rankings will provide you with a much better understanding of your website’s visibility on Google as well as on other search engines. This way you’ll automatically level up your SEO results that won’t take long to be noticed. 

Because search engine results are based on the users’ location, it is crucial to identify your target audience and track your keywords’ performance on their territory. This will ensure that your business gets the attention it deserves by unleashing the full potential of its visibility online. 

Local Rank Tracking: the Must-Have for Local Businesses

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