Wincher 2.0 – Finally Ready for Preview!

The goal of Wincher has always been to be the best rank tracker while keeping it simple and affordable for everybody. 

Without changes, there is no growth. We kept getting a lot of great feedback and suggestions from our users but due to technical limitations, we haven’t been able to improve our product as much as we wanted. 

That’s when we realized that in order to unleash the true potential of Wincher, we had to build a completely new and improved version of our entire platform. The task was challenging because we wanted to provide the best possible services while keeping them simple to use. But we set the goal and achieved it! 

Now it’s finally your turn to check it out because we’re finally ready for the big reveal of Wincher 2.0!

It’s not only the sum of a year of hard work but an upgraded product that meets your business’ needs. It was built to scale with your projects and organization. Whether you start small and grow big, start big or stay small – we’ve got your back.

New features & improvements

The list of improvements in Wincher 2.0 is long, but we would like to highlight some of the most requested ones.

Track keywords rankings by city, region, or another type of location. We support over 100k locations in almost 40k cities across 180 countries.

Refresh your keywords’ rankings on-demand if you can’t wait until the next day for fresh data. 

Connect your Google search console to your Wincher account and get accurate data for keyword research.

Give your team members and external users access to specific projects only. Restrict users to only being able to view reports but not change any data.

Our powerful API gives you access to take total control over your data & integrate it with any external system that suits your needs.

New price model

In Wincher 2.0 we’ve moved to a plan-based price model. This change allowed us to keep our tool affordable for smaller accounts while maximizing functionality for the needs of enterprise users as well.

The new price model comes with three new plans:

  • Starter (500 keywords, 10 websites)
  • Business (1000-4000 keywords, unlimited websites)
  • Enterprise (4000+ keywords, unlimited websites)

Read more about the specific plans here:

How does this affect me as an existing user?

At this time, it won’t affect you at all. Although we won’t be able to support the legacy price model forever, we have no set date yet for when we’re shutting it down. 

Сurrently, you don’t have to accept the new price model and can stay on as a legacy user. You will keep all of your existing functionality but in order to access new features, you will have to move to one of the new plans.

We need your help to make Wincher 2.0 even better

We did our best to create a better product, now we need you to test how well it works and what needs to be fixed.

The main types of feedback we’re looking for:

  • Anything that looks like a bug
  • Anything that does not make sense or is confusing you
  • Flows that could be improved
  • Things that you think could be improved visually

Together we’ll create the best rank tracker that meets users’ needs and provides the best user experience possible. That is why your feedback is super important for us right now. 

How do I check it out?

You can start using Wincher 2.0 today by visiting! If you have any questions or feedback for us, you’re always welcome to reach out at [email protected]

Wincher 2.0 – Finally Ready for Preview!

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