Wincher Free Rank Tracker 2.0 for WordPress

We have just released the latest version of the Wincher Rank Tracker plugin for WordPress and we’re just about to introduce you to some of the major changes. The Wincher WordPress Plugin has gone through a complete make-over and is more powerful and easier to use than any previous version. The latest and seventh version of the Wincher Rank Tracker plugin for the world’s biggest CMS, WordPress, is a complete rewrite of the original plugin and offers a smoother and more user-friendly experience, as well as new functionality.

With over 36000 downloads and 2000 active installations, we felt a thorough update was long due. When it was time to update our Wincher Rank Tracker plugin to be compatible with WordPress 5, we felt it was probably best to take the opportunity to re-do it and get rid of some old code. The Wincher Rank Tracker 2.0, or version 2.0.0 to be more specific, is completely rewritten from scratch and is making use of the new Wincher API. This was a necessity to be able to add new features, so the plugin reflects the new version of better.

So, let’s look at some of the changes. Our previous versions only offered updates once a week, every Monday to be exact. The latest version of our WordPress plugin gives you daily ranking data updates for the last seven days. Pretty neat, huh?

Another major update is the graphs. Whilst the previous version of our WordPress plugin looked and reflected our previous version of, we decided to add some of the recent features from Wincher, to the plugin. In the new version, you get an Average Position graph, Estimated Traffic graph, and Position Distribution graph.

When it comes to the table you will still find your Keywords, Positions, and Changes. But on top of that, we have added CPC, Search Volume, and Estimated Traffic. The ranking history graph for multiple or individual keywords is still accessible from the plugin, but now through the table, instead of a dedicated graph.


  • Automatic keyword suggestions upon installation
  • 7 days of ranking history
  • Up to 10 keywords
  • Daily updates
  • Average position graph
  • Estimated traffic graph
  • Position Distribution Graph
  • Ranking history graph for multiple or individual keywords
  • Table showing you the current position, position changes, traffic volume, PPC, and other relevant metrics for your keywords.
  • E-mail notifications

Although we retired Wincher Free (our regular free accounts) on November 14th, 2019, you can still track up to 10 keywords completely free, using our WordPress plugin. We do hope you will find the plugin with all these new features a great improvement. Any feedback, positive or negative, is well appreciated. Our Wincher Rank Tracker plugin for WordPress can be downloaded from here. Subscribe to Wincher if you want to track unlimited keywords, access up to 5 years of ranking history, and much more functionality.

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Wincher Free Rank Tracker 2.0 for WordPress

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