How To Get Strong Links: 5 Actions For Building Profitable SEO

Hopefully, growing popularity and getting strong links to your site is part of your current strategic marketing strategy. If not, you should read this article. Here, I will provide you with five hands-on actions to adjust your link-building strategy with the objective of increasing your likelihood of getting links while ultimately improving your ranking and earnings.

Links between other sites and yours are like streets between buildings, which essentially clarifies the relationship between domains for search engines like Google. Historically, link signals and global popularity have been debated, yet today we can see how important is link building for the ranking success of your website.

According to Googler Andrey Lipattsev, links are still the most important ranking factor. Currently, the power of links is undeniable. If you are familiar with Wincher, you probably are familiar with multiple strategies to build effective SEO.

The top five tips for acquiring strong links include:

1. Defining outreach strategy for effective link building
2. Analyzing competitors’ backlinks
3. Discovering unexplored SEO potential through partnerships
4. Using Blogs to Get Strong Links and Increase Brand Awareness
5. Buying links from a local SEO-bureau

As a part of your overall marketing strategy, you should include and prioritize link-building outreach. The focus should be on how to gain natural, editorial links and where to find them. An example would be creating unique material and creating a buzz around it. You don’t have to be a statistical wiz to calculate that outreach most likely equals brand awareness. You need to set goals, objectives, timelines, and follow-ups accordingly.

On the Wincher blog, there is a separate article that will explain how you can free backlinks in 2021. It covers the importance of implementing link building into your marketing strategy and shares worthwhile techniques you can easily use to get strong links for free. 

That’s crucial to know what keywords do your competitors rank for in order to outrank them with time. However, that’s not enough if you want to get strong links. Identify your top five competitors and explore their backlink profiles.

How have they succeeded, what actions are having major and minor impacts? Use their data in order to learn, adapt and strengthen your own positions in order to thrive online faster.

analyse competitors backlinks to get strong links they already have

3. Discover Unexplored SEO Potential Through Partnerships

Having worthy partnerships opportunities and not using them to your advantage is one of the top SEO sins. Leverage current partner relationships by sharing information and providing them with case studies or other interesting material that they can share online.

Encourage your partners to build external links to your site while generating backlinks for them in return. This way, t’s a win-win for both parties.

discover partnership opportunities to efficiently get strong backlinks in your niche

4. Use Blogs to Get Strong Links and Increase Brand Awareness

Despite the fact that different niches require different approaches to SEO strategy, using influential blogs that your target audience trust has always been a good investment. Approach popular blogs and influencers to encourage them to publish your content on their sites, and of course, provide a backlink to your site. 

If chosen carefully, this technique could contribute great contextual value to your brand. Additionally, if the blog has many visitors, the link will generate some worthy traffic as well. Unfortunately, blogs might not be too inclined to meet your demand of anchor text and placements, since they must meet the regulatory requirements of their hosting platforms or networks, but it’s all about negotiations. 

We have a separate article with valuable resources you can use to learn SEO copywriting for free.

use blog posts and influencers to get strong links to your site

Additionally, you can buy links from a provider such as Pixel Nordic or any other provider. One reason to purchase links that resemble your outreach strategy is to maintain a varied link profile, with depth and width to oppose any link pattern. Another benefit is that you have total ownership of the links since a bureau such as Pixel Nordic is in control of its sites.

How To Get Strong Links: 5 Actions For Building Profitable SEO

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