Summing Up 2021: Conclusions, Achievements, and Plans

When a year comes to an end, we all start thinking about our next goals and new horizons. There is nothing bad about it, but before our calendar changes the year to 2022, let’s take some time to acknowledge what this year has brought us and how we have grown.

2021 was tough but we have learned so much. Now, let’s recall our achievements this year because there would be nothing without you.

💫 Wincher 2.0

In order to unleash the true potential of Wincher, we had to build a completely new and improved version of our entire platform. 

Wincher 2.0. The world's simplest Google rank tracker

The task was challenging because we wanted to provide the best possible services while keeping them simple to use. But we set the goal and achieved it! 

The goal of Wincher has always been to be the best rank tracker while keeping it simple and affordable for everybody. It’s not only the sum of a year of hard work but an upgraded product that meets your business’ needs.

💫 New Features

The list of improvements in Wincher 2.0 is long, but let’s just highlight some of the biggest ones.

Local Rank Tracking 

Because tracking keywords rankings by location has a lot of benefits for your business, we now support over 100k locations in almost 40k cities across 180 countries.

On-Demand Position Updates

Yes, Wincher automatically updates your positions every 24 hours, but what if you can’t wait until the next day for fresh data? Now you have an option to manually update your keywords positions on-demand.

Update your positions on-demand with Wincher's new feature

Search Console Integration 

Connect your Google search console to your Wincher account and get accurate data for keyword research.

User Permissions

Give your team members and external users access to specific projects only. Restrict users to only being able to view reports but not change any data.

API access

Our powerful API gives you access to take total control over your data & integrate it with any external system that suits your needs.

And that’s I’ve only started with all the features the new Wincher has.

💫 Google Data Studio Connector

This year we partnered up with Google Data Studio and created Data Studio Connector so you could get Wincher data directly to your Google Data Studio Dashboard and have all your data in one place.

💫 Acknowledged Performer

This year Wincher was included in more than 20 top lists as a leading rank tracking tool. For example, Zapier mentioned Wincher as one of the best SEO keyword research tools in 2021, Shane Barker recommended us as the number one rank tracking tool you should use, Bloggingwizzard picked Wincher to be the best online rank tracker for affordability. Also, we were pleased to be recognized by G2 as a high performer.

Wincher has been chosen as a leading rank tracking tool

💫 Wincher Team Got Twice Bigger

Wincher has doubled the number of its team members over this year. This way we can answer faster, fix quicker, and grow bigger to let your business thrive sooner!

I guess it’s not fair to speak on behalf of our team when they can do it themselves. So, what Wincher team thinks about this year? (at least those who are not on their winter vacation right now).

2021 brought on many challenges, the greatest of which was the release of Wincher 2.0 with an entirely new architecture. I am incredibly proud of what our small team accomplished and how smooth the launch went.

Alexander Skrivanos – CTO

This year was full of exciting changes. Our team has been amplified with great people, who are veritably artists! We released a totally new product, which was recognized by top SEO experts. We got so many positive reviews and words of gratefulness from our customers. Our favorite Wincher has acquired distinction it deserves and it’s the best reward for me as a marketer. I was proud to be part of this journey!

Julia Burova – Head of Outbound Marketing

2021 for me was a year of experience (like any other isn’t). I discovered my voice and the way I can use it to explain things to other people (especially newbies in the field). This year I created a lot of content: written guides, blog posts, newsletters, our first YouTube video, and so much more! Can’t wait to dive even deeper into SEO the next year, test new approaches, and explain everything I figured out to you!

Yana Bilokin – Content Creator

2021 brought me wonderful opportunities. I’ve worked with clients across different time zones and cultures, which enriched my knowledge and understanding of people and their needs, improved my communication skills, and overall made me a more compassionate person. I cannot wait to see how the new year unfolds!

Valeriia Dikhtenko – Customer Success Manager

It was so exciting for me to rebuild Wincher to the next level with the latest tech stack and awesome design.  I am happy to be part of the dream team.  Looking forward to implementing new cool features!

Alexander Lebed – Software Engineer

I am excited about what 2022 has in store for the company. As a Customer Success Manager, I’m confident we’re going to elevate customer journey on so many levels, from onboarding to support. I’m looking forward to expanding Wincher’s presence in new markets, promoting our new features, and spreading the value across the globe. Last but not least, I’m positive that my own career development will skyrocket!

Daria Marchan – Customer Success Manager

We’ve all worked so hard all year long and now it is time to enjoy special moments with our loved ones.

Have a spectacular New Year! 

Wishing you great success in the year to come and all the happiness it can hold!

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Summing Up 2021: Conclusions, Achievements, and Plans

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