Update Keyword Positions On-Demand: Get the Freshest SEO Data

Having a reliable SERPs tracker is a must if you want your business to thrive. It saves your time by tracking your keyword positions or monitoring the performance of your competitors and SERPs across different clients and multiple search engines. And what is more important – rank trackers don’t get sleepy and slow when it’s raining outside, they keep working day and night and don’t ever take vacations (unless you forgot to pay for your subscription, but in this case, that’ll be totally your fault). 

In this article you’ll learn:

  1. Why should you use rank tracking software
  2. How often do your tracked keywords get updated
  3. How frequently can you refresh your Google positions
  4. How to use Wincher to update your keywords’ positions on-demand
  5. How to update one position on-demand
  6. How to refresh multiple positions at once in 3 clicks

Why should you invest in SERPs tracking software?

Because why not. Of course, you can track the data manually using a spreadsheet or monitor all of your SEO data yourself on a weekly basis, but why waste so much of your precious time when you can delegate the boring routine to a trustworthy friend. 

Rank tracking tools allow you to keep an eye on a large number of keywords and get daily reports or alarms when something went wrong and you need to take care of a sudden position drop. Also, it depends on the tool of course, but Wincher, for example, has integrated keyword research that I personally consider very helpful when I want to explore keyword opportunities that I might have missed or when I need to optimize the content I’m creating for search engines for the best outcomes possible.

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How frequently do my tracked keywords get updated?

That’s one of the most important questions you should keep in mind when choosing an SEO tool. SERPs positions can change very fast, so you need a reliable rank tracker that provides you with the most accurate data so you could react as quickly as it’s possible 

Unfortunately, it happens when even trustworthy companies don’t refresh the data as often as they claim. Such insides are killing us because we know how important data accuracy is for your SEO success. That’s why we wanted to make sure that Wincher’s users get the freshest data possible. And the best way to ensure it was to implement an on-demand update to give our customers full control. Who would mind skipping the waiting part? Not me for sure!

How often can I refresh my position?

Having the most accurate data is crucial for your SEO success. That’s why Wincher updates your keyword positions automatically every 24 hours. But what if you can’t wait until the next day for fresh data? Then you can update your positions manually on-demand once every 24 hours and in this guide, I will show you exactly how to do it.

How to update your keywords’ positions on-demand?

If you don’t want to wait another 24 hours for an automated update, you can refresh your keyword positions manually. This way you get the freshest data possible (right from the over) in just a few clicks.

Note: The steps in this tutorial assume you already have an account on Wincher. If not, spend just a few minutes fixing it and come back here.

To enter the keywords module on our platform please click on the key symbol that will navigate you straight to the particular dashboard. In case you’re new here, please read our previous articles to figure out how to add keywords to your website and how to use Wincher’s keywords research tool to explore ranking opportunities you might have missed. These steps are crucial if you want to track your keywords’ performance and update positions on-demand.

click on the key symbol that will navigate you straight to dashboard
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

In the next screenshot, I just scrolled the page down a little bit so you could see the process clearer. At this point, you see that all the keyword positions are automatically updated and that’s easy to say how long ago.

Wincher rank tracker dashboard
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

Option 1: Refresh One Keyword Position

In case you wish to update manually one position, you can navigate to three vertical dots on your right and choose “REFRESH POSITION”. Mostly, it takes a couple of seconds to get the refreshed data, but sometimes you would have to wait a little bit longer (please don’t get mad at us for that because we would never make you wait on purpose).

Refresh one keyword position on-demand
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

If you see the word “NOW” it means that the status has been updated and the time was set to zero. Then, you’ll notice that the time would be changing according to how long it has been since the last update.

word “NOW” tells you that the status has been updated
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

Option 2: Refresh Multiple Positions at Once

As for me, this is the most convenient way to refresh positions. You can manually tick only the positions that you wish to update or select all of them and get the most accurate data in 3 clicks:

1st click
Select all keywords by ticking the box located before the “Keyword” tab.

2nd click
Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the “SELECT ALL … ROWS” to make sure no keyword was forgotten.

get the most accurate data in 3 clicks
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

3d click
Choose the second tab at the bottom that says “REFRESH POSITION” and that’s it.

Refresh keyword position example
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

If you’ve done everything correctly (and it’s impossible to fail here), you will see an updated status for each keyword’s position.

Example of successfully refreshed keyword positions
Screenshot from Wincher rank tracker

Well, that’s basically it. I hope I managed to show you how simple the process is and you won’t get troubles following these steps. However, in case you still have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below or send us an email at [email protected]

Update Keyword Positions On-Demand: Get the Freshest SEO Data

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